Omaha, Nebraska Business, Employment Law, and
Conflict of Interest Mediation

Resolving Disputes in a Sane, Sensible, and Fair Way at a Reasonable Cost

The attorney-mediators at Marks Clare & Richards, L.L.C.  recognize that the costs of running a business grow every year. Litigation fees can quickly tap the profits and resources of any organization. Unfortunately, conflicts arise between partners, owners, managers, and employees. Outside parties can have an issue with a product or service provided. Many times the resolution takes place in a courtroom, where lawyers do the litigation, judges and juries make the decisions--and the parties have little say.

Resolving Business, Consumer, and Employment Law Disputes

The attorney-mediators at Marks Clare & Richards, L.L.C. have mediated many business disputes. We are certified mediators in Nebraska. Some of the disputes our office has handled have involved employment law disputes, breach of contract, violation of non-compete agreements, or consumer complaints about products or services provided.

Business issues can also be involved in divorce proceedings. For example, one spouse may own a business or a business interest. The other spouse may propose mediation in order to discover its value. Once they agree on who will perform the valuation, the process of mediation can move along to a conclusion. In such cases, we will assist both parties in finding an expert that they both can agree upon.

Mutually Resolving Commercial, Consumer, and Employment Law Conflicts

A resolution can be achieved if both parties are willing to agree to the parameters set within the process of mediation. Utilizing the experience and knowledge of the attorney-mediators at Marks Clare & Richards, L.L.C. can be the first step. Recognizing that the tools are available to you to avoid costly litigation can help lead to a final resolution.

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