Dispute Resolution

Our goal is to help you find resolution in a non-adversarial environment and without the high cost of litigation. While there are times when litigation is necessary for resolution of a dispute, we encourage our clients to choose the more cost-effective and less adversarial process of mediation.

Collaborative Dispute Resolution

Collaborative lawyers shift focus from advocacy to developing client interests and principled, interest-based negotiation with clients and their collaborative counsel in a supportive, safe, collaborative environment.

Family and Divorce Mediation

Family conflicts related to the division of property and debt in divorce, alimony, child custody and visitation, and child support are delicate issues. They have to be handled carefully and discreetly. When children are involved, divorce mediation can bring communication at the beginning of the process and healing after it is successfully completed. Resolving any family dispute in the non-adversarial process of mediation can help you build a positive working relationship with the other parent of your child — a relationship you will need long-term.

Attorney Mediation

Business Mediation

The attorney-mediators at Marks Clare & Richards, L.L.C. have handled internal conflicts within an organization and business disputes between companies and other parties. Partners and owners are sometimes at odds, as are managers and the employees that they supervise. We have successfully brought all parties to the table and helped them resolve conflicts collaboratively to foster a solid future in working relationships.

Construction and
Real Estate Disputes

Lawsuits are filed over residential home covenants. During and after construction, contractors, suppliers, and homeowners may be ready to take a conflict to court. The attorney-mediators at Marks Clare & Richards, L.L.C offer mediation services that encourage both the business or association and the consumer to consider a better way to resolve their dispute. We are lawyer-mediators who have over 30 years of experience, and we have learned the benefits of mediation as opposed to litigation.

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