Overview of Our Mediation Practice

spacerThe Sane Solution is Mediation

In mediation, you control your own destiny. The attorney-mediators at Marks Clare & Richards, L.L.C. can help initiate and facilitate effective discussion between you and another party, whether it involves a business dispute, a construction lawsuit, or child support.

Mediation costs are typically half of what you would pay to file and try a lawsuit. Mediation is private, not a part of the public record, and revealing facts in mediation typically cannot be used against you in court. Most important, you are the decision-maker when it comes to what the final agreement will look like. Because you and the other party come to a resolution you both find satisfactory, you are both more likely to keep the agreement.

Mediation can also provide long-term benefits in helping you communicate better. Litigation could turn out to be the end result, but a concerted effort to work things out can be of great benefit to both sides.

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The Pitfalls of Litigation

Litigation is a process where time is not on your side. It is a lengthy and stressful process where schedules often conflict. Decisions have to be made in a split-second. Attorney hours are billed for conferences with opposing counsel and for writing correspondence. It also promotes an adversarial environment that has potentially damaging effects even after a decision is rendered, especially in family matters.


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